Weider Speed Weights - Every Muscle, One Dumbell
X-Factor ST Video

Get the body you want with the X-Factor: ST. Designed to transform your body. This 8-week progressive program trains you in the Optimization Zone from the core out to maximize time and increase results. It's the best way to burn calories and build muscle in the same workout.

Training in the Optimization Zone, each workout gets progressively harder so you keep seeing results week after week! Transform your body from the inside out with X-Factor: ST.

Ramp up your calorie burn in Stage 1 of the X-Factor: ST total-body transformation. You'll burn fat and lose weight with 30, 45 and 90-second movements.

X-Factor ST Video

Get ripped in half the time with Stage 2 of the X-Factor: ST program. With intense 90-second sequence training and strength training movements, you'll chisel your glutes, abs, arms and back.

X-Factor ST Video

Sculpt your abs, obliques and lower back with Power Core. This DVD targets your center, helping you get the rock hard muscles you want.

Prepare your body and mind for an intense workout with Mindful Flow Yoga. Meditation and stretching will help you be ready for burning fat and toning muscle.

Push your body to the max with Body Blast. This extreme workout combines the program's hardest and fastest movements.

Get extra lift with Glutes and Thighs bonus DVD. This workout supplements the X-Factor: ST program, targeting the areas where you need more work.

Build explosive arm, back and chest muscles with these Rotating Push-Up Stands. Use the adjustable resistance to personalize your workout and get dynamic results fast.

Shape your plan and your body with the Workout Calendar & Fitness Journal. The Workout Calendar breaks down your program from day-to-day, giving you the perfect map to success. Record your progress in the Fitness Journal to better see your results.

Follow the X-Factor: ST nutrition guide for better, faster results. Grocery lists, meal ideas and easy recipes will give you the fuel you need to keep up with the program.

Weider Speed Weights - Every Muscle, One Dumbell
Weider X-Factor ST
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